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    HR Department of One Presentation

    Date: June 8, 2016, 11:30am
    KAHRMA Board
    Riverside Senior Life Communities
    East Burns Rd, Bourbonnais
    $15.00 member / $17.00 guest
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    ´Have you ever wondered how other HR professionals “do it”? You know, those who manage to keep their head above water when they have zero help on a day-to-day basis?  Do you sometimes feel like you are all alone?  Are there resources available to you, on a zero budget basis that will save you time? What can you do when the boss says they want you to get some HR education and you don’t have any time?

    ´Spend some time with HR professional who “have been there, done that” and worked with folks in similar circumstances every day. The information gained in this one hour and fifteen minute program will be invaluable to improving your role as the only HR professional in your workplace.

    ´Hear from two HR pros who have both run a one-man shop. They have walked a mile in your shoes. Our mantra is “get it for a dime… and get it on time!”

    Learning Objectives

    ´They will learn how to be more prepared for the demands of their job and how to make a positive impression on others in the organization.

    ´They will learn how to organize the job of HR into manageable segments such as:  Recruiting and On-Boarding, Compensation and Benefits, Engagement and Retention, and Compliance.

    ´They will be provided tips and tricks which will help the single-person HR shop figure out how to prioritize their work, and what to try to contract with a consultant.