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Converting From Paper To Electronic Records

    While employers may keep their personnel records electronically or hard copy, they may decide to convert these files to an electronic system.

    The benefits of this include: 

    • Reduced physical storage space
    • Saving time and money
    • Easy access to documents
    • Environmental sustainability

    If an employer elects to make the switch, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    1. Understanding the laws governing HR records. Employers need to know what they have to keep and for how long and be aware of the possible legal problems should they fail to retain records properly.
    2. Keeping up with evolving options for records storage to ensure that information does not become trapped in obsolete technology.
    3. Learning about the different types of storage media to talk knowledgeably with IT about how to store personnel records.
    4. Considering offsite records storage, either through transporting tapes or disks to a storage firm or to another of the employer's own locations, or sending data over the Internet to online storage firms.

    Storage and access to employee records is an important responsibility for those in charge of HR. Effectively managing these files can help protect the organization against legal claims and efficiently support policies regarding employee information.